Reap the GRAPE benefits!

Hey! “Grapes” are here and so is the soothing winter! Grapes is something so sweet and tangy, that we relish every piece of it. We can add them to our salads, enjoy a freshly made juice of it or simply arrange them on your fruit skewers! Next time, try freezing and having them…you will see that they have turned much sweeter than before!  As you know, there are three variants available– Red, green, and black. But, did you know their benefits? Go ahead and read ….

  • Contains Vitamin C, which is good for your skin and acts as an immunity-booster.
  • Makes your skin supple and improves uneven skin tone
  • It helps you look younger and healthier.
  • It improves heart health by lowering the level of cholesterol in our body.
  • It improves constipation issues.

With such immense health benefits, having a small portion daily would do you no harm. A special word of caution would be for the diabetics, to watch out for their portion size (consume only after your dietitians’ recommendations, as she knows your blood sugar levels and your medication dose the best!).

One quick recipe for all the grape-lovers: finely chop your cabbage, tomatoes, grapes and olives. Mix them all with salt and pepper. I am sure you will love the sweet and tangy salad while reaping the benefits of grapes from it!


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