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What can be healthy munchies during ashara waaz, so that energy gets stored more?

Ashara days are heading up, and let’s get prepped up to do everything we can by showing our immense love for Imam Husain (A.S.), who have sacrificed everything to help us live healthy and happy forever. The most vital thing to know while greasing ourselves for these days is what to eat and what to […]

Say GoodBye to your PCOD pangs. Get a healthy PCOD diet that helps you get relieved by it!

PCOD is very common these days, one in every ten girls suffers from it. PCOD has taken over the head and heels as it has no definite cure but a lot of adjustments with the diet and physique. The tension related to it still persists because you can get your menses regular but with a […]

Mangoes are here and so is our summer fun. Eat it in the right way!

Not one or two almost everyone in the family loves this fruit of Mango that couldn’t be defined in simple words or elaborative expressions. The juicy sweet fruit has its own benefits and some amazing health effects that couldn’t resist us getting the munch of it, everytime we see it. Did you know your pulpy […]