Quick Tips To Relieve You From Acidity

Isn’t ACIDITY, too common an issue these days? Is it the genes, the environment, the lifestyle or is it our erratic schedules and laziness towards our health that makes us more prone towards it? So,what can one do?

Read out 4 quick and easy tips to resolve your acidity issues!

  • Cold Milk – The calcium in the milk will certainly help you feel relaxed during an acidity episode. Take 1/4th cup of milk and dilute it with water, for better results.
  • Tulsi –You can chew 4-5 leaves of tulsi to beat your acidity problem instantly.
  • Banana – Gulp down a banana for instant relief as it contains a good amount of potassium.
  • Ajwain & Saunf- Chew few seeds after every meal to resolve your acidity issues.


So here you are! Arent they easy and quick? However, don’t forget, to cure acidity from being a long-term health issue, you need to manage your meal timings, meal gaps, the kind of food you eat and your erratic lifestyle. Chalk out a diet program for yourself. Plan your weekly menus and don’t forget to place out your daily meals correctly to avoid acid production during long fasting gaps!



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