Personalized Wellness Programs

Health consultations with Registered dietitian Sakina are always personalized and customized!

Our USP has always been to cater to your health needs, without making you go out of the way to achieve your health goals- COMPLETE HASSLE FREE KITCHEN SOLUTIONS! And the best part is, you take control and ownership of what you like to eat and how you like to workout not just for the duration of the program but for good.

It is rightly said that “HEALTH IS WEALTH”! Hence, you must make sure that your health is at priority in your “TO-DO LIST” of Life!

Weight loss is one of the most important and common problem among our recent generation! However, excess weight and obesity issues can lead to a wide range of other health risks in the longer run like diabetes, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, heart diseases, etc. Managing a proper, well balanced diet with an ideal exercise regime is a must! On the other hand, increased metabolism, irregular meal timings and portion sizes, increased stress and lack of physical activity can be some of the major reasons for being “Underweight”. Balancing meals according to the person’s high metabolic rate and physical activity becomes imperative.

At Zeal Wellness, Registered Dieititan Sakina is involved in online consultations, offline consultations (clinic) and she offers home visits too! She has designed her programs keeping her motto in mind “Energising health Celebrating lives!” She thinks the right way to health is with ZEAL, MOTIVATION and WILL POWER!


  • Customized diet plan with unlimited support of review system
  • Innumerable follow ups over any convenient electronic medium
  • Hassle free kitchen Solutions (no separate cooking)
  • Inclusion of variety of food choices
  • Review of blood test reports, if any
  • Planned Exercise schedules on email / enrollment of exercise programs with our collaborators
  • Healthy Snack products / supplements to benefit the body
  • Corrections of Vitamin Deficiencies, if any
  • Health recipes, whenever required
  • Daily Diet Recalls to track your progress
  • Health related food items will be provided, if required
  • Lifetime FREE access to my private Watsapp Group
  • Lifetime FREE access to my private FB Community-for exclusive information


1 MONTH 7200/-
2 MONTHS  13500/-
3 MONTHS 19500/-
4 MONTHS  24800/-