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Zealwellness was founded by Registered Dietitian Sakina in June 2015. The passion to bring out the ZEAL in everyone has always been our sole motive. Nutrition education through consultations is one aspect. The other one being through health mentoring sessions and collaborations.

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It’s a pride to see our clients achieve their health goals and transform their lives with ease. Here’s a quick sneak-peek about what they have to say…..


Our consultation is designed to benefit all clients, no matter where they live. Besides 121 meetings, clients can interact with us via the phone/ video calls, and email. In fact, many of our Mumbai-based clients also opt for ONLINE Consultations for their appointments as its more convenient in their busy work schedules.

We encourage complete payment before starting any wellness program.

No, we have complete hassle-free kitchen solutions. All meals are cooked together with the rest of the family!

Absolutely not! You will be planning and enjoying your meals with us!

Zealwellness has always believed in planning their programs according to the client’s current lifestyle. Its more of an educative program rather than a self-imposed wellness session. During your active package, your diets will be changed so that your body receives maximum nutrients possible and make you feel healthy. You will be also be actively involved in planning your diets, so that will give you an understanding of your nutrient needs & how to tweak your diet (depending on your activity & lifestyle). By the end of your program, you will be in a position to plan your diets by yourself & carry on with a healthy eating pattern as a way of life. Remember, our relationship with our clients is a lifelong one and we are just a phone call or an email away in case there is any help you need.