Have u ever wondered why does your nail break too often? Just the other day, while filing them, a piece of it chipped and came into your hands! And there you go, all your hardwork on the manicure, polish, etc goes for a toss.


Did you ever ponder, why does this happen? How can we prevent this?

Just think…and look at your kitchen…do you find more oranges, lemons and bell peppers?


Don’t answer me, answer yourself! I will tell you why do you need to keep more citrus fruits, sprouts and bellpeppers!


These are all good sources of vitamin C and vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which gives shape and integrity to your finger nails. It makes them stronger and healthier. Other sources like guava and avla(amla) ,shepu, sprouts, etc also serve the purpose.


Including atleast any 2 of these sources daily would ensure your optimum vitamin C intake and would ensure healthy nails!

So, ask yourself today- Are you including Foods rich in Vitamin C? 




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