Are your nails spoon shaped?

“Koilonychia” also known as spoon shaped nails – is a commonly seen symptom amongst a lot of youngsters. They do complain of weak nails which break easily.


What do you think could be the reason for such conditions? 

This condition is seen particularly in Iron deficiency. Yes, that’s true! Certain picky eating habits like -not including green leafy veggies in the diet, decreased consumption of vitamin C, avoidance of dates and nuts, skipping meals, enjoying the gravy while leaving the pieces of organ meat behind, etc could lead to iron deficiency. Phheeww!! That’s a long list…


So what should one include to prevent such deficiencies?


Foods rich in Iron serve the purpose-which include, oilseeds like garden cress seeds, red and lean meats like chicken n fish, leafy vegetables like spinach and shepu, soyabean products like tofu and the high calorie dates!


  • Make sure you consume green leafy veggies atleast thrice a week.
  • Organ meats, non veg sources are excellent sources of iron.
  • Garden cress seeds are the most effective and most bioavailable form of iron!
  • Don’t forget to include a dash of vitamin C in your meals to increase the absorption of Iron.


Aren’t these pretty easier to follow? Go ahead and make a checklist to prevent such deficiencies and avoid the occurrence of koilonychia.


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