Eid ul adha – A time to feast

Yes, it’s that time when Muslims await to pray, await to ask for forgiveness and await to do islamic contributions in different ways.Obviously, not forgetting their best hobby too -they love to eat and feast!


We all know, EEid ul adha – A time to feasid ul adha (bakri Eid) calls for all delicious mutton recipes relished for atleast three days- inclduing biryani, koftas, organ meat dishes, etc Feasting is not the problem,the problem is the quantity at a single time and the art of balancing! Are we doing that? If not, here’s what you could do to make sure you balance your health during the festival-


1. While enjoying the mutton, include a veggie salad (could be a non veg salad too, just make sure you are adding enough veggies to give you the fibre boost) to manage your calorie intake and improve your BMR.

2. Watch your dessert portions. Enjoy one sweet dish in the day -NOT one sweet dish in every meal!

3. Reduce your calories by the end of the day, to maintain a healthy weight (and not get a shock after a week when you stand your weighing scale!)

4. Soups or sauted veggies could be one of the best options as an eve snack- keeps you full, gives a fibre boost and increases your immunity too!

5. Lastly, remove some time to stay physically active. Festivals don’t give you an opportunity to miss your hourly workout! Infact, with all the festive foods, an intensive exercise schedule would boost your BMR , thus, decreasing your chances of gaining weight!

I am sure ,these simple tips will make you remember ME ,and will surely help you to enjoy your festival in a guilt-free,healthy way!

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