Should you skip sehri during ramadaan?

The holy month of ramadaan is here and we all are amidst praying for each other and asking Allah for forgiveness for our misdeeds. I have always seen, most of us face certain health issues during this month, out of which acidity and dehydration are the most classic.

Additionally, there are some people who skip their sehri ( the suhoor meal) for varied reasons like -unable to eat something In the morning,  don’t want to eat, might put on weight, not much time to eat, etc. But is this the right thing to do?


Remember, you are fasting for a holy reason- to do ibaadat, to ask for forgiveness and NOT to lose weight! So, you need to understand the top 3 reasons to have your sehri meal –

1. Give your body a slow release of energy in the day
2. Prevent muscle from giving energy to your body
3. Prevent a decrease of your BMR, which will eventually cause weight gain.
4. Avoid symptoms like low sugar and low BP.

So, I would conclude only by saying, would you want to sacrifice your health, your holy intentions for not having a balanced sehri meal? Think about it….

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