Say GoodBye to your PCOD pangs. Get a healthy PCOD diet that helps you get relieved by it!

PCOD is very common these days, one in every ten girls suffers from it. PCOD has taken over the head and heels as it has no definite cure but a lot of adjustments with the diet and physique. The tension related to it still persists because you can get your menses regular but with a large amount of willpower.

What is PCOD?
To many of the unknowns, the question still persists, and Zeal Wellness is all set to address their health issues. Further, in concern to PCOD, it is a health situation occurring in females wherein the cysts get formed in multiple numbers over the ovaries. Ultimately it results in diabetes, infertility, acne and excessive hair growth, which’s another stress of medical stress. Ome of the unpredictable hormonal changes are usual in this case, the females cure the PCOd through lifestyle changes which is again an intelligent move and often suggested by gynaecs and dietitians.

No worries do not panic, since PCOD is very common we have certain roadways of solution that will help us minimize its impact and hence, you might get a better way out of PCOD pangs.

Diet and healthy food guard your health the most and thus, a studied and simplified PCOD diet plan can be the next step that you might look out at. Healthy food is the best solution for all the health problems, not just one meal chart you almost need complete diet guidance to keep PCOD at bay. Follow our quick heal tips that will help you fight your ovarian disease. Scroll down and take a tidbit of knowledge!


  • Avoid red meat – 


Eating meat increases more chances of infertility, so it’s intelligent to avoid it. Processed meat is a big no you want to go PCOD-free. 


  • Stay away from Saturated & Hydrogenated Fats –

These fats are found mostly in animals and dairy products and are a rich source of calorie and cholesterol. Baked foods are one of its resources, so cut down on them. 



  • Leafy Veggies are recommended – 


Leafy vegetables are highly dense in nutrients and antioxidants. Your daily diets must have these vegetables, lettuce and foodgrains.


  • Say No to sugar & refined cereals – 


When comes to weight loss, Sugar is the first thing to give up at. Refined cereals that are high in nutritive value should not be consumed more. Thus, it might seem difficult but trust us, it is good to cure PCOD and get a gradual hold on increasing weight. 


Not just these, but there are a few more points that you need to know to get PCOD right. Zeal Wellness is all pumped up to help you out through a diet solution so that you can stay fit and win against your battle of PCOD. You can also tune up to our PCOD – Diet Programme, all you need to do is visit the page at the site. 

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