What can be healthy munchies during ashara waaz, so that energy gets stored more?

Ashara days are heading up, and let’s get prepped up to do everything we can by showing our immense love for Imam Husain (A.S.), who have sacrificed everything to help us live healthy and happy forever. The most vital thing to know while greasing ourselves for these days is what to eat and what to have during Ashara days so that we never get deficit on energy or health habitats, that might anyway cause hindrance to our Noha-Aweel.

Freaking out on what to eat and munch on during the waaz days, here’s the complete list of some good to have munching snacks that might keep your mouth in healthy motion and help your tongue get a better experience ever.

Health Bars –
The important thing to take note while jotting your healthy munching is to know what can actually benefit the health without creating any other odds during Ashara waaz. Health bars are one recommended, they are rich in protein, fibre and healthy nutrients.

Chikkis –
Sticky, gummy and yummilicious chikki is all here to help us crave and munch more on it. The chikkis are a healthy source of grabbing in taste and flavours all at the same time. The groundnut chikki also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and maintaining good health.

Nuts with raisins and flaxseeds –
Dry fruits are the best meals when you want to stay healthy. Nuts with raisins and flaxseeds work as energy-boosters and stress busters, almost reducing the chances of having any kind of overeating and unhealthy food practices.

Chana, peanuts & crackers –
These food items are the best source of increasing proteins and restoring good nutrients for well-being. These peanuts are also rich in source and best for heart healthy fats. Fats in peanuts are also good for your skin, hair and guts.

Uttapams / Appams / Theplas –
To maintain a healthy regime, here is the best food that you can prepare for your breakfast, Uttapams and Theplas are the best mix of veggies and other ingredients that are perfect to chew and have on.

Makhana / Murmura –
Makhana or Murmura are the next to keep in the list for better health benefits, you might have seen other aunts or kids around you taking in the murmura and makhana chunks frequently, they might feel healthy, nourished and full on energy due to it and so you too should have it rather than having unhealthy or junk food treats.

Perhaps you are more prone to healthy eating habits and want certified prescriptions and recommendations to have foods during Ashara, then meet our health expert at Zeal Wellness. We make sure the health of our esteemed client or anyone around does not suffer due to lack of monitor and careful examination. Visit Zeal Wellness to seek such a piece of healthy information. Also, to get in touch with our health expert, receive the contact information given at the site. Until then, give more than 100% to the heart wrenching days of Ashara.

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