5 Quick Things You DIDN’T Know About Flaxseeds!

So, I am sure you must have read a dozen articles on this super food – a tiny brownish seed with immense health benefits! However, today, I want to touch up  on some important facts about them…

1.Contains about 20-40% soluble fibre which, when mixed with water and the remaining 60-80% insoluble fibre becomes an excellent laxative which prevents constipation.
2. The high fibre content also aids in weight loss.
3. Plays an important role in digestion by feeding the gut bacteria.
4. Rich in amino acids arginine and glutamine -both are linked to heart health and immunity
5.They are a fairly good source of the mineral, phosphorus which is involved in bone health and tissue maintenance.

So, the next time you visit your grain store – do fill you bag with this magical super food.

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