Super Hydrating Foods For Ramadaan

Dehydration has always been the most common issue with a lot of people during the holy month ramadaan. We have always heard ‘ drink more water during sehri to combat dehydration during the day ‘. But tell me, how much water can one have in such less time in the morning? Hence, some hydrating foods have a super power to resolve this issue!
1. Tomatoes- Juicy, lycopene rich tomatoes keep you super hydrated in the day. Include them as a salad or soup or simply use them as base to make tomato toppings (similar to a severe puri)
2. Cucumber – one of my favorites too! A lot of things can be made out of this superfood. Try out an icy cooler with cucumber, mint leaves, curd and ice In the blender. You can include it in your chaats , salads or simply make cucumber boats ( scoop out the seeds and fill them with mashed potatoes or chana)!
3. Water melon- absolutely ,one of the most refreshing fruits, the name is enough to make us understand it’s importance. Make a cooler or sherbat with milk. Do try making popsicles to combat heat issues.
4. Muskmelon – The sweet n watery fruit is a must have during ramadaan. Include it as it is or make a juice (it’s tastes better with papaya too).
So, the list can be never ending…. But I thought to include the best ones for you . So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill your shopping bags wisely.

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