How much water are you having during Ramadaan?

Ramadaan kareem -a holy month of fasting and offering prayers is here.  We know that we are fasting the whole day with no water, no food-we are quite used to it by now. But, do we know what happens to our body if we DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH WATER? For that, let’s understand the different roles of water in our body-
1. Maintaining optimum level of hydration
2. Lot of body systems depend on water
3. Maintains the electrolyte balance within the body
4. Plays a role in nutrient absorption
5. Helps In detoxification
So, you need to understand,60-70% of our body is made up of water. Every little cell on our body, every body system needs water. During ramadaan, the water requirement increases. Make sure you balance your intake with other fluids and liquids like soups, juices and chaas. Try and maintain an intake of 2.5-3litres / day to ensure Optimum hydration during the day.

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