“Women” – The Nutrient of a healthy, happy and mechanised life

You know how important is your mom for you? Without seeing the lady of your house running behind you for your breakfast or scolding you for the mess you created, our day wouldn’t roll off.
The nutrient of being happy, they say, is a healthy diet and a healthy living lifestyle, but do you know-Who keeps checking on our well-being, more than us?

Of course, it would be your mom or your dearie wife or some other woman in your life who helped you manage your life, even when we, ourselves, couldn’t.


Since the month of March stands for a big day, Zeal Wellness couldn’t stay back writing this intuitive blog for them.


Up Till now “The Women Of Our Palaces” has been checking up on us every time, to ensure that we can have a happy and healthy life, it’s time to share some twinkling tips and healthy hacks that can help them take care of themselves too. Hey wonderful women, these ones are for you..


  • Serve Well, Eat Well –

The first principle is to prepare a healthy meal having the blend and balance of all the nutrients. Do that- you can serve them healthy and Eat it too! Next time, while planning your meal, also incorporate your favourite dish. Take care of yourself, to take care of them.


  • Physical Exercise is must –

Who told you only diet’s enough??

Your restless care and inexplicable efforts and hard work needs a power bank to keep it boosted all the time. Every day, a bit of exercise will help you be fit and high in immunity. Note it down! A normal walk or a jog, a 30min yoga or zumba activity-anything would be fine. Just give it a good start!


  • Get enough sleep –

Hey ladies, our prolonged working hours, at the office or at home keeps us away from sleep at reasonable hours. It’s time to know the immense importance of having a healthy and timely sleep, you work endlessly, hold up there and just rest for a while, you’ll feel refreshed and recharged.


  • Watch your Nutrient intake –

Have a proportional nutrient intake. Keep a balance of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Every nutrient has its own function, make sure you incorporate everything in your and your family’s diet plan. You do your job, and let the nutrients do their own!


Keep these points bold in your memory, we women need to understand the emerging importance of having a scrumptious living to ensure good health and happy well-being of our fam-jam. So ladies, are you all up with Zeal Wellness to kick start with a new and healthy routine? Tell us in the comments and for detailed fitness consultation get in touch, we’ll see you at the healthy brunch!










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