10 health tips to stay fit & strong

Hey, that’s so great to see you strolling over this blog. Congratulations, Zeal Wellness is happy to see you concerned for your good health and fit body.


Hopefully, this blog will add a handful of easy guides that will help you keep a progress check on your health and well-being. Follow these simple 10 things and keep yourself alarmed for being fit and healthy.


  1. Workout daily, rigorously!
    Morning or evening fix your time, fix your exercise or work out plan too. Everyday workout with rigorous efforts is must, don’t just think to try, start it soon.
  2. Plan your meal, wisely!
    What’s better than planning out a strict diet meal that can assist your daily workout, boost stamina and also helps you keep fit and healthy.
  3. Have your eyes on calories, strictly!
    No, No, you don’t need to count your calories with every food on your dish. C’mon that’s an idiot’s strategy, you need to have your eyes on calories which mean just know what’s your intake, how many calories and fats it consists of so that you can cut down on it easily. The trick is to create a BALANCE!
  4. Get sleep, timely!
    Sleep of 6- 8 hours a day is atleast is recommended. Your sleep is important for you to stay fresh and zealous. Timely sleep ensures healthy well-being, now onwards sleep tight and timely.
  5. Be motivated, healthily!
    The journey of weight management or staying healthy is not that easy, hence you need to be motivated everyday, staying fit is not a day’s job, it has to be regular and rigorous.Plan goals that are doable and achievable!


  1. Drink water, continuously!
    Drink when thirst, drink in the morning first! That’s what our expert dietitians at Zeal Wellness suggest to each of the patients/clients. Drinking in frequent intervals keeps yourself hydrated and healthy.
  2. Do physical activities, actively!
    Since, you have your workout routine all set, physical activities like climbing the stairs, walking over the office aisle, bending down and sideways all of these are perfect additions to making you active and energetic. Congrats if you do this, because it counts most for staying fit and healthy.
  3. Quit addictions, immediately!
    Smoking, drinking and other addictions are of course not safe or healthy, so don’t wait for us to recommend you. Immediately give up with dumb’s activities, if you want to live longer, healthier and happier then you must quit these addictions asap.
  4. Address your emotions, correctly!

Don’t suppress your emotions, laugh out loud, cry or talk out and express what you feel or experience, because emotions are not to hide. For a healthy living make sure you know how to address your emotions correctly, when required to talk for a wise suggestion.


  1. Take Zeal Wellness Ramadan Challenge or seek consultation from us.

Since, now you have decided to keep a check on your health, then you must try out for our Ramadan challenge or seek our expert’s advice if possible. This challenge will regulate your intake habits and keep you fit and glow healthy.


Hopefully these 10 healthy tips will help you set a rolling and ravishing ride for a healthy life, try practicing then and do write us how much it helped you. Your review may act as motivation for others!


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