What is an ideal sehri for Ramadaan?

Ramadan kareem is here, filled with fastings, offerings and prayers! So, my question is – where do you get all teh energy to pray all day, work all day and fast at the same time?
Yes, it’s what you eat in your sehri is of utmost importance in keeping you healthy in the day.
So, what should an ideal sehri be?
1.must include some carbohydrate source – roti / bhakri / rice / rawa / oats / dalia/ cornflakes
2. Accompany it with a protein – chicken / egg / mutton ( left over of last night ) / dal/ soya
3.  Have a cup of milk in any form you like
4. End it with a fibrous fruit
5. Don’t forget to drink enough water / chaas/ more liquids during the sehri to keep you hydrated during the day.
To summarize, a complete balanced meal is what you require to keep you healthy and to help you to offer your prayers and other duties perfectly! Remember, NEVER SKIP YOUR SEHRI MEAL DURING RAMADAAN!

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