Vitamin C for your Hair

We all know the importance of having healthy hair! I am sure we all must be engaged in lots of hacks and home remedies to manage our hair!  A few common ones are – application of curd or egg in your hair, honey mask for your hair, etc. However, have you ever realized which nutrients play an important role in improving your hair growth and texture? Among a lot of nutrients, VITAMIN -C leads the role!


The prime reason for hair damage is free radical attack, which blocks your hair growth and causes them to age. Vitamin C comes in here, to protect your hair from oxidative stress and act as antioxidant.

Did you now that ‘COLLAGEN’ is an important part of your hair structure and Vitamin C plays an important part collagen formation? So, the more vitamin C you take, the more stronger is your hair growth.

Ans lastly, Vitamin C increases the absorption of Iron, another vital nutrient for hair growth. Sprinkle your lemon juice at the time of consuming your cooked green leafy veggies and see the magic. Even when you cook your beans (kidney, rajma), make sure to put your dash of lemon at the time of consumption.


Now, where do we get our daily dose of vitamin C ?

  • Consume fruits like lemons,orange, sweetlime , kiwi, and amlas
  • Include bellpeppers, tomatoes, brocolli, potatoes, spinach ,moong, sprouts in your diet
  • Squeeze lemon at the time of consumption of vegetables, especially your beans and greans.
  • Drink lemon juice for a refreshing start to your day
  • Lemon and honey is another good combination to add lustre to your hair.


So, the next time you go for fruit shopping, ensure you fill it with more colored fruits and veggies, citrus fruits being an integral part of it,




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