The POWER of Vitamin-C- what can it do for your health?

So, ever since we are fighting against Corona, we are listening and talking about immunity, immunity and immunity! And there comes the conversation about VITAMIN-C- the super antioxidant, the immune -booster, etc


What exactly does it do?

  • Protects your body cells from free radical attack
  • Improves your skin
  • Strengthens your teeth and gums
  • Heals your wounds faster
  • Increases the absorption of Iron in the body


Let’s see how can we include it in our diet?

Include lemon juice post our walk or workout for instant energy

Make a salad comprising of bellpeppers, moong and a dash of lime juice with salt and pepper

Snack on citrus fruits as compared to fried chips and farsaans

Make a fruit bowl of apples, sweetlime and pomegranate – sprinkle little salt and pepper / chaat masala and enjoy

So, the next time you want to heal faster, improve your skin texture or get rid of your dental issues- you know what to include from your kitchen!!



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