I am sure we all know some details about this power packed, small, tree shaped food-MUSHROOMS!

Well, apart from the plant and animal kingdom, these species have developed their own fungi kingdom. These full- fleshed fruity bodies have an extra ordinary healthy impact on human health.

Here are some of these……

  1. Good source of important B vitamins including:
  • Riboflavin which helps to maintain healthy red blood cells.
  • Pantothenic acid, besides helping in the production of hormones it also plays a key role in the nervous system.
  • Niacin makes sure that the digestive and the nervous system functions properly and on the other hand it also promotes a healthy glowing skin.
  1. Good source of important minerals such as:
  • Beta-glucans that shows immunity stimulating effects as well as a contributor to resistance against allergies.
  • Selenium which works as an anti-oxidant by providing protection of body cells from damage that might further lead to heart disease.
  • Potassium, necessary in the regulation of fluid and mineral balance which helps in controlling the blood pressure.
  1. A diet including mushrooms decreases the blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetics and also has improved the blood sugar, insulin and lipid levels in type 2 diabetics.
  2. The vitamin C, fiber and potassium content in mushrooms not only contributes to the cardiovascular health but also helps in decreasing the risk of high blood pressure.
  3. Mushrooms contain fibers which helps in increasing satiety thereby decreasing appetite and thus lowers your overall calorie intake.


So, how can we include them in our daily diet???


Simply add them to your stir-fried veggies OR Mix it with your other veggies in your omlette’s OR add them to your pizzas and frankie fillingS!


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