Health has become the most important priority for everyone these days! Yes, that’s true! However, one of the most important requirements to stay healthy is to keep some kind of physical activity in our daily schedule! However, sometimes this is not really possible, keeping in mind our busy schedules and hectic lifestyle! So, why not add little fun to our fitness, by making the right choice of the activity daily. Let’s have a peek on a few activities that are beneficial for our health and are an enjoyment themselves!

Dodgeball: This is an old game which is religiously played till today! It’s a moderate intensity activity that uses every muscle of your body. Thus, improving your muscle strength!

Jumping rope:  This reminds us of our childhood days! This activity improves our cardiovascular strength and coordination. It’s a vigorous activity, similar to running and playing single tennis.

Salsa dancing: Get ready for a full –workout in the form of salsa! Yes, this form of dance actually requires a good amount of spinning and footwork.

Zumba:  Why not join a Zumba class? Its one of the most efficient cardio activity that will ensure good body toning and lose of body fat!!

Skating: Have you ever thought this to be a fulfilled activity? Yes, skating, too is a very good physical activity that requires muscle coordination and extreme consciousness in balancing your weight on your toes!

Trampoline: These are beneficial for our health as they improve the cardiovascular strength, improves the oxygen –carrying capacity of the cells, thus improving the blood flow to various organs! This proves to be beneficial in maintaining the blood pressure and also in lowering bad cholesterol levels. As per the research, trampoline also increases bone density!

Table tennis: Yes, our very old past time can also be our fun filled activity! It proves to be a witty game, making use of our brain cells!! It improves our cardio health too!

Badminton: Improves your physical fitness! It also improves your reflexes, intelligence and speed!

Volley ball: It utilizes your arms and legs. Hence, it improves your muscular system and increases your energy levels as well!!

So, which is the form you are going to choose today? Do click a pic and send us!


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