HOLI!! A festive full of colours, love and happiness. However, getting Holi colors stuck to your hair and skin is not the BEST idea for sure. Hence, sit back and enjoy some tips from our end. Not just Pre-Holi Skincare tips but also Post-Holi tips to take care of your skin

Pre Holi Skincare & Haircare Routine
1. Get Your Skin Moisturized Completely
Give your body a good massage with good oil or moisturizer so it soaks in the moisturizer or oil well. It will act as a shield between your skin and colors, and also helps you get rid of the colors easily.

2. Nail Paint To The Rescue
Save your nail from any kind of harm give a good dark colour nail paint which will prevent the holi colour to affect your nail.

3. Cover Your Body
Protect your body from the damage of colours by wearing full sleeves tops and kurtas, Salwar,full length joggers or trousers.Wear dark colour cotton clothes which will avoid colour to get to your skin.

4. Vaseline To The Rescue.
People usually tend to avoid lips eyes and ears which wouldn’t be the right idea Quickly apply some petroleum jelly around these area as it becomes difficult to get rid of colors when they reach these areas of the body

6. Hydration Is The Key
Drinking water, juices or glucose throughout the day would be a better way to keep your skin away from becoming dry and lifeless.

Post Holi Skincare & Haircare Routine
Enjoyed your holi? We are sure you are all loaded with harmful chemicals that affect your skin. Here’s what you can do…

1.Scrub it up
Use a face scrub that suits your skin and apply it in circular motions, wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply a moistening lotion later to soothen your skin. It's the best way to get rid of the dirt from the pores and the buildup of any dead skin cells.

2. Ice Treatment
The best remedy to cure your skin post-holi would be rubbing ice-cubes over your neck and face. This treatment helps in shrining pores and makes your skin smoother.

3. Avoid Makeup
Since your skin has been exposed to so many chemicals throughout the day, we suggest to avoid wearing make-up for a couple of days to keep your skin toxin-free

4. Time For A Facepack
We are sure the skin must have gone through a lot of chemicals throughout the day, how about some cleansing now – It's time to put in some extra effort and make yourself a homemade facepack. It helps you get rid of the color as well and restores the lost moisture as well. Not just that the natural ingredients help you soothe your skin too. Some facepack suggestions are: curd and honey facepack OR a papaya and olive oil one.

Oil your hair thoroughly – It help you prevent the color from seeping into your scalp and also acts like a protective shield to your hair. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your HOLI preps now!


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