Corn and its Benefits!

Have you ever thought that munching aimlessly on a pack of popcorns while watching a movie can actually have good benefits on your health?? Yes! That’s true! Let’s see how….

Corn is a blend of wonderful components like:

Dietary fiber: According to a study in 2012, the fiber content in corn is beneficial for our gastric health as well as for preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases! The fiber in corn helps in reduction of cholesterol. This fiber also promotes growth of healthy bacteria in large intestine and aids digestion.

Phenolic acids: The presence of phenolic acids (p-coumaric acid and femulic acid) ensures boosting of immunity. These naturally occurring compounds also have anti-inflammatory activity in body.

Manganese: Corn is high in manganese which is extremely beneficial for our connective tissues.

Carotenoids: Numerous studies since 1990 have showed that carotenoids present in corn help in cancer prevention. Also, carotenes (xanthophylls, lutein and zeaxanthin) are precursors of Vitamin-A, which promote healthy eyes.

Niacin: Presence of Niacin in corn has beneficial effect on skin, nervous system and digestive system.

Remember, munching on corn is not good for people with High Blood Pressure. Corn also leads
to bloating and water retention in the body. Beware, that “Un-popped corn” can give you a
large dental bill!! So enjoy the sweetness and crunchiness of this corn in moderation.



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