Summers are here and so are the MANGOES! Yes, inspite of the heaty summers, one looks forward for these refreshing, tasty and mouth-watering mangoes! YUMMMM…..I am sure your mouth is watering even now …. However, most of us are unaware of the health benefits of this king fruit, lets have a look at some of them ….


This fruit is loaded with antioxidants that help you stay rejenuvated, relaxed and refreshed, with a better immune system to fight back diseases. A cup of mangoes, giving you an average of 100calories, also gives you a daily requirement of Vitamin C for your body that helps in collagen formation and improving your immune system.  Along with Vitamin C, it also rich in Vitamin A and flavonoids like alpha carotene,beta carortene and beta cryptoxanthin, that impart an antioxidant strength and vision-protecting properties, maintaining healthy mucous membrane and healthy skin.


The potassium content in mangoes controls your heart rate and blood pressure. Also, being rich in copper and Vitamin B6, mangoes are literally heart –protective in reality.


Mangoes are excellent skin protectors! Various home remedies are now used for a clear and smooth skin. Mango pulp is one of the best remedies for your acne, pimples, rough skin and anti ageing wrinkles!  It also works wonders against dandruff and greying of hair!


So, what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and enjoy this king in multiple ways in your diet!! You can make a milkshake with milk, which keeps you full in your mid meals. You can also replace the milk and use curd (fat free yogurt) to make a smoothie.  The old desi “AAM PANNA” is one of the best cooling drinks during these heaty summers! Try out the Thai chicken and mango stir fry OR a simple mango-fruity salad to enjoy the maximum health benefits of this fruit!



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