New Year And Your Health- Take Charge Of It!

Oh my God! It’s a new year! And I am sure you must have had a million resolutions in your mind, out of which, half of them would be health related (for some, “weight related”)! However, your never-ending list is not as important as your decision to which ones are at utmost priority and how are you planning to achieve those.

So, to help you – in few lines- follow the guidelines below (it worked wonders for me):

    • Just pen down all your health-related resolutions on a paper.
    • Prioritize them according to your current health situation (mind you, DO NOT prioritize them according to your current financial status)
    • Now, take the first one- gather all you previous reports (simultaneously, check if new one’s have to be done and book an appointment for the same).
    • Take an appointment for the concerned practitioner (specialist) and keep calm. Follow the advice given and keep a track of your progress.
    • Follow the same routine for the remaining health goals as well.

Always remember, whether it’s a headache or a severe joint pain, NEVER leave a symptom unattended. By delaying things related to your health, you are just inviting more trouble to yourself. As it is rightly said “It’s better to be SAFE than SORRY!”

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