Importance of food in our lives, ways to NOT waste it!

You can miss your night ride, you can miss your early morning walk. But you should never miss having healthy and nutritious food!

Yes, that’s what our expert has to advise the fellow people around. Food has its own importance, it is vital for survival and living. Our existence in this world largely depends on what we eat and what we have. Food is obvious and very essential for surviving, it brings you energy and better growth, which keeps you active and hydrated with energy throughout. Foods are directly related to the mental and social well-being of the consumer, it helps in the better living of the people. When people come to us with a bunch of health problems, what Zeal Wellness suggests they do is to eat good and healthy foods that have all kinds of nutrient value and stamina building fibres that gives you mental and physical strength, both.


Food has its amazing value, the moment it gets into the mouth we feel fulfilled and satiated. The magic of water and food is something that no one could resist for living happily and healthy forever. In today’s world, people have stopped valuing the importance of food and wasting it has become another set of routines. 


Look around in marriages, small gatherings or big conferences, people consider wasting food over not having it in a complete proportionate. This in return impacts their life, by keeping them empty stomachs whereas the garbage bins keep staying full with the residual of the food. How strange is it that people do not even pay attention to the wastage of food, which is the vital factor for dependency in life? Zeal Wellness highly recommend watching the wastage and eliminating it if possible. This blog is to educate the readers about various ways of avoiding wastage of food and to stop it as early as possible. Pull the webpage down and go on with some interesting tips for utilizing residual foods. 


  • Prepare or cook the food leftovers –

Indian women are best at it. Aren’t they? The food leftovers can be prepared by making a new and crispy recipe out of it, just like the pakoda of rice made out of leftover rice or bhagar made out of last night’s chapati. This works as the best remedy for avoiding the wastage of food. 


  • Feed the needy –

That’s what Zeal Wellness has initiated and aimed to do on the 16th of October. Yes, the best and the blissful way of not wasting the food is by feeding it to the needy ones. The poor section of society sleeps over an empty stomach, the latest a person could do is to feed the needy people with no hustle. 


  • Cook in proper quantity and with proper nutrient value –

While preparing food make sure you hot the right quantity and recipe for it. Having a bowl full of what you do not want to eat will always lead to wastage of food. Cook in proper quantity and with a proper recipe having all the ingredients that enhance the nutritive value of the food. Avoid hoarding food with more quantity, which is a sheer wastage. 


  • Move expiring items to the front – 

In case your kitchen has some early to expire foods, beverages, confectionaries or other ingredients, then move them to the front for early use. The items you hoard are the probable reason for wasting on the foods. Avoid it!


Thus, these are some of the tips and techniques by which you can easily store your food and minimize its wastage. Stay tuned to Zeal Wellness to get more of such insightful information and knowledge. We await potential visitors like you!


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