Embracing Laziness in the New Year: A Different Approach to Resolutions

As the calendar turns its pages to welcome a new year, many of us find ourselves caught up in the age-old tradition of setting resolutions. Our excitement spreads, and we set high goals, promising ourselves that things would be different this time. However, by mid-January, our resolutions are frequently forgotten as a result of our busy lifestyles, much like a well-known cycle.

If you’re also nodding, you’re head you’re not alone. Many of us can relate to this situation of making resolutions, getting a little motivation and then after few days moving back in into our crazy schedule. Following this tradition of making and breaking the resolution makes us feel that we should not make resolutions only.

Are you also thinking the same for this year of not making resolutions because you tend to not abide it? So, here’s something for you which I tired to follow it in my 2023 resolution. So, what I did is………

Instead of making resolutions, I planned the idea of staying LAZY!

As you listen to this, are you equally shocked? When I informed my friends and family that my new year’s resolution is to continue being lazy, they were confused, too. But, guess what? My plan to remain lazy worked quite well for me. Don’t worry my resolution was not about shirking responsibilities or avoiding personal growth. Rather, it is an acronym meaning a distinct way of looking after my well-being:

L stands for Lifestyle,

A for Attitude,

Z for Zen,

Y for yield.

L – Lifestyle: So here my focus was making sustainable changes to my lifestyle. No drastic alterations or unattainable goals, but rather small, meaningful adjustments that contribute to long-term well-being. Because I think that enjoying the journey and creating a balance is more important than focusing only on achieving a goal.

Example: So, the change that I made in my lifestyle was I eat small frequent meals instead of large meals.

A – Attitude: The foundation of my lazy strategy was viewpoint shifting. Instead of pressuring myself with rigid resolutions, I adopted a more forgiving attitude. Recognizing that setbacks are a natural part of any journey which allowed me to approach challenges with resilience and a positive mindset

Examples: I started taking small achievements as success and never lost hope what I did was, every week I set personal challenges—whether abstaining from dining out or adopting a sugar-free diet these small steps laid a long-term change in my success journey.

Z – Zen (It’s a Japanese word calm): It’s important to find times of calm and quiet in the middle of the chaos. My daily routine gains a little Zen when I incorporate mindfulness-promoting activities like meditation or just going for a peaceful walk. It helps me feeding the spirit and mind.

Example: So, to calm myself I went for morning walks and performed some meditation exercises daily.

Y – Yearly assessment sheet this was my best friend through out my year it kept me motivated and also helped me asses my progress.

Example: So, in this I had a made assessment sheet for myself where I mentioned all my targets and goals and rewarded myself after every week once I had accomplished my goals this helped me stay motivated throughout the year.(If you need the assessment sheet, feel free to send us a DM)

So, start your new year with slack resolve, that it is deliberate, focused approach to well-being rather than a rejection of progress and aspiration. Maybe if we embrace a little laziness, we may escape the never-ending cycle of unmet resolutions and discover a more enduring route to personal growth. Sometimes, after all, the greatest approach to assure long-lasting change is to take things slowly.

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