Did you know this Super Food called GARDENCRESS SEEDS????

Yes! The moment I call out this name and people start asking “What is this? Where do you get it? What is it used for?” Etc etc..I am sure some of us our acquainted to this SUPER FOOD  by the name of ARIV / ALIV SEEDS (Also called, Haleem). People often make a mistake in identifying these seeds and may assume them to be sabja- however, these are reddish brown seeds which have the similar property of swelling in water as the sabja (basil seeds).They are a powerhouse of nutrients like iron, magnesium, fibre, folate, vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin E and protein!

So, having introduced you to this tiny bomb packet, you must be wondering -” why and how should I include this in my diet?” First, its Iron Content just amazes me – brings a super increase in your heamoglobin levels! What does it mean? One can treat anemia related symptoms, increase Oxygen supply to all body cells and hence, improve your energy levels! 1 Tablespoon of it gives a good 12mg of iron! So, the next time you feel you are tired or fatigued, you know what you need to shop for and include in your diet, right? 

Secondly, irregular menses can be sorted with the help of your doctor and these tiny super powerful seeds (do consult your gynaecologist before starting them along with your medicines). The phytochemicals in these seeds are akin to estrogen – the female hormone responsible to control your menstrual cycle. 

Additionally, post -partum diets must include gardencress seeds as an excellent galactagogue – to increase breast milk production. Lactating mothers would enjoy tiny laddoos made of semolina, jaggery, garden cress seeds, desiccated coconut and powdered nuts. Include atleast 2-3 small laddoos in the day. It helps in increasing the breast milk production, thus, helping in optimal child growth. 

Coming to the health of adults, the plant – based active compounds in garden cress seeds do make you feel better during a cold, cough and sore throat. They hep you to improve your lung function. Hence, try and include them at every seasonal change, because that’s the time when our bodys’ immunity falls down and cold / cough are common health issues at such times. 

While talking about immunity enhancement, these tiny seeds do wonders! Loaded with vitamins A, C and E, they increase your bodys’ immunity to fight against any inflammation and cell-oxidation.  With the Covid-related symptoms and repercussions, building one’s immunity is the best solution to stay fit and healthy! And for that to happen, there’s a long list of immune-boosting foods to include in your diet-garden cress seeds are one of the toppers in that list! 

Next, lets talk about a primary, common issue faced by atleast 1 individual in every family – Yes, I am talking about constipation! Owing to its high fibre content , they make a perfect bowel mobilizer! 

These fibre-rich seeds can do wonders while you are trying to lose your weight! When added to your meals, they take much longer time to digest and pass through the system. Hence, keeping you full for a longer period of time, and hence, helping you during your hunger pangs and stopping you from over-eating! Be happy, your “weight-loss enhancer” is right here for you! 

However, what’s the key point to always remember? Everything has to be taken in accordance to our body requirement.  Anything in excess can be harmful for your body – and so, you can safely consume these 1 tsp to 3 tsp of these seeds, 2 or 3 times in a week, NOT MORE! Incase of any allergies or major health issues, always consult your doctor, nutritionist before consuming in excess! 
Who should avoid eating them?

-People suffering from hypothyroidism, goiter
-Pregnant women 
-People on diuretic medicines 
-People with potassium deficiency

Ways to include this nutritional powerhouse in your diet: 
1.Soak 1 tsp of these seeds in water overnight. Add little lime juice and drink the entire concoction the next morning (Vitamin C increases the absorption of Iron in the body) 
2.Dry roast them and store them in an air-tight container. Sprinkle them on your soups and salads (within the recommended dose)
3.Soak 1 tbsp of seeds and add them to your bedtime milk for reducing hair fall! 
4.Add coarsely grounded seeds along with your powdered nuts to your laddoos
5.Add coarsely ground seeds along with some finely chopped veggies and spices into your roti dough and make healthy roti’s out it!

So, are you amazed by knowing about this tiny superfood? Don’t sit back, just order them in your next grocery list, plan to include them in your meals (minimum twice a week) and see the difference!

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