[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Childs’ growing years are the best phase of his/her life! Don’t we all miss our school days? However, as parents and teachers, our aim is to make sure that our child receives optimum nutrition for his / her growth and development.

Today, our children face so many problems and pressures, that it becomes difficult for them to handle! In addition, poor nutrition habits, increased intake of junk food, poor canteen menu coupled with low immunity, makes them more vulnerable to all kind of health diseases, thus, increasing absenteeism in school.  Hence, it becomes imperative to handle all health and nutrition related issues at the school level.

At Zeal Wellness, Nutritionist Sakina aims at resolving these issues by interacting with the school, with the children and their parents, if required, in order to understand their pain points and work towards them holistically!


Duration 1-3 hours
Capacity of the target audience Upto 50
Talk by Nutritionist Sakina Approx  20-30mins
A fun activity / game Approx 20- 30mins
Informative Handouts Yes
Individual height and weight Analysis will be charged separately
Questions and Feedback 10-15 mins
Program Cost INR: 3000/-