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Weight Gain

Increased metabolism, irregular meal timings and portion sizes, increased stress and lack of physical activity can be some of the major reasons for being “Underweight”. Gaining weight, too, can be a big task. However, a person’s nutritional needs are different. Balancing meals according to the person’s high metabolic rate and physical activity becomes imperative. Remember, a well panned exercise regime along with an equally balanced nutritional meal plan, together would prove to be of great help![/one_second]


Weight Loss

This is one of the most important and common problem among our recent generation! All thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, wrong eating habits, irregular meal gaps, over-eating/ bingeing issues, improved technology and lack of physical activity, we have now reached a stage where we do NOT even get up to consume a glass of water! However, excess weight and obesity issues can lead to a wide range of other health risks in the longer run like diabetes, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, heart diseases, etc. Managing a proper, well balanced diet with an ideal exercise regime is a must! [/one_second]